Why should I become



Hillel Deutschland e.V. is a not-for-profit, membership-based association. We have chosen to operate this way in order to involve a larger segment of the community in the workings of the organization and decision-making. Hillel exists for YOU, and by joining, you play a role in making this work sustainable!

What does it mean to be a member?

Membership is not simply a financial commitment or a mere transaction. Membership is about sustaining Hillel for the long term. It's an investment, first and foremost, of your ideas, passion, and care. When you become a member, we welcome you as part of a circle of trusted friends, who value spirited conversation and community. And while membership empowers you to raise your voice and give this community its shape, your membership also empowers us to build something that really fits your needs and vision.

How does being a member benefit me?

As a Verein, we are committed to applying the principles of democracy where we can. That means that members have an important role in deciding big-picture questions about Hillel's identity, philosophy, and approach. In addition, members will be able to benefit from special access to events, including private learning and networking opportunities, as an expression of gratitude for your investment.

What am I investing in?

You're investing in a project that's about building Jewish community, expanding Jewish knowledge and literacy, and developing the leaders of the Jewish community for our generation. You're investing in an organization that's nimble and adaptive, and seeks to create an atmosphere that's welcoming, fun, and full of energy. And finally, you're investing in an organization that does what it takes to help young Jews achieve their vision for the future.

Why does membership cost money?

We are one of few organizations serving the student and young adult target group that has professional staff in order to provide top-quality education and pastoral care, and focuses on leadership development in order to ensure that our community has the talent to continue the work. In order to operate our organization and run programs, we need to pay the costs of rent, materials, staff, and administration. Your membership is considered a tax-deductible donation, and we will provide you with a receipt!

Can I become a member even if I'm not Jewish?

According to our Satzung (bylaws), people who are eligible for membership must be over 18 years of age and include people who have a Jewish parent (mother or father); people who have completed the process of Giur (conversion), regardless of denomination; and people who are in a committed relationship with a Jewish person, so long as the Jewish partner commits to joining the Verein as well. If you don't fall into one of these categories but still want to join (for example: people with a Jewish grandparent; people who are still in the middle of a Giur process; people who are in a committed relationship with a Jewish person but would like to join join the Verein independent of their partner; or allies of the Jewish community), we are pleased to offer a friendship option. If you would like more information or have questions, please contact

After filling out the membership application (above), you can set up your monthly donation using the links below.