The Berlin Haggadah Commentary 5781

We are honored to have distribute over 250 of our NEW signature Hillel Deutschland Haggadot, featuring original artwork by local artists and community members!

There are 22 Cards in total—-each card contains both a textual and a visual commentary on a particular section of the Haggadah. 40 artists, writers, and activists shared their voices, their creativity, and their Torah in beautiful and innovative ways.


If you're looking for more brain-food for Pesach, some suggestions:

  • Rabbi Ami Silver has a brilliant set of short podcasts on parts of the seder.

  • Lots of practical information on every aspect of Pesach can be found in the Peninei Halacha collection.

  • A brilliant tool for making your own haggadot, from traditional sources and stealing ideas from others, is at . You can also find the Haggadah text in German here

HAGGADAH Commentary 5780

A collection of artists, thinkers and dreamers from our beloved city share their own perspectives on what the Seder means in our brand-new Berlin Haggadah Commentary. The commentary is meant to be used as a companion, to help guide you along through the Seder and beyond in a fun, meaningful, and thought-provoking way. The PDF is available for download for all those who wish to enrich their Seders with Berlin's unique words of Torah.

Haggadot for Download

Tutorial Videos

Unsure of how to lead a Seder? A bit hesitant or lonely? Feel free to peruse our library of clips from some of Berlin's finest, with all seder components from Kadesh to Nirtza. And if you would like to watch a "model Seder" in its entirety, feel free to check out our live recorded "Base Family Seder," to be released April 3!

Are you looking for a Haggadah for this year's Seder? Please see below versions in Hebrew, English, Russian and German!

Solo Seder Guides

Seder for One 5781 Edition

by Karen, Milena and Janina Engel